Exterior & Interior Painting Doesn’t Have to Be Affected by Winter

Exterior & Interior Painting Doesn’t Have to Be Affected by Winter

Exterior and interior painting projects could still be completed during winter. Many property owners put their painting projects on pause as they fear that the cold climate can affect their paint job. We are in the interest of making your paint jobs last thus we prepared a guide on how to do it during winter.

In order for your exterior and interior painting projects to g accordingly, here is what you need to do:

  • Choosing the right paint product is where it all begins. Ensuring that a paint job will last is in utilizing paint products that offer great durability- you can find these type of products with a professional painting service.
  • Before applying a fresh coat of paint on your property’s exterior or interior surface, then you need to wash the surfaces prior- if there is old paint on the surface still, remove it with sandpaper and through scraping.
  • You might want to paint the surface with oil based paint products as it is more wear resistant that water based paint solutions
  • Watch out for rain, snow and ice during the cold season as these factors can surely damage your surfaces as a whole. You need to make sure your gutter is working efficiently so that there is no cascading water over your paint job.
  • Taking care of your landscape also plays an influential factor in the state of your paint job. Plants and shrubs can cause peeling in the exterior of your estate if left untrimmed therefore, make sure they are trimmed
  • Always maintain your siding clean as this can help you fight mildew and mold growth that can damage the paint job

Remember, that in order for you to achieve the exterior and interior painting that you really seek, it should be done professionally. Carlos Melgar Craftsman Handyman is a top painting contractor in the region; contact us today to save big time on your upcoming painting projects. Free estimates are available upon request.

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